• Kit-Kat1097

    Hello, my name is Kit-Kat and I would like to tell you about my love for Nightcore Music! Ever since I was 12 I've been listening to Nightcore on YouTube, when I found Soundcloud that changed everything! When I made an acc on Soundcloud I started looking up Nightcore Music and Nightcore Accounts to see how many other people love Nightcore like me! I talked to a few of them and they liked what I've been posting and the playlists I've made. The first Playlist I ever made was called "Nightcore" and that Playlist barley got any likes, it's still stuck at 2 likes at this point. When I filled up my Playlist with 500 songs which is the maximum of songs you can add to a playlist I made "Nightcore 2" which was another playlist of Nightcore. It took…

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  • Legoman1331


    April 13, 2019 by Legoman1331

    Hello. I am new.

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  • Crestellar

    I wrote this blog to see what you favorite video was. So what is your favorite. Post below and please be respectful of other people's opinions!

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